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Go to our Undervalued Stocks page to see the latest stocks that are cheap. I recommend HOLD for ABS CBN coz its price is above its Fair Value as of now. The stock picks above are for Magic 10 strategy only. i’ve been studying few stocks so i would know where to put my money. Please advise me if I should sell them all even if I am already losing in some of it already but its estimated growth went up.Thanks a lot. It depends upon your preference. If you prefer having a fund manager and investing many securities, choose Mutual Fund.

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I’m a newbie po, I have question about SM’s stock split. Since you are new to investing, I recommend that you read the article “How to use Magic 10 Method Investing in Stocks”. The article can be found in this blog. As to how to use magic 10, please read the article “How to use Magic 10 Method Investing in Stocks”. Hi Ma’am Fehl, anu pong masasabi niyo sa CEB ngayon?

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You can then spend that money the way you want to 🙂 One time I was amazed coz I sold penny stocks which was not Bluechip and I thought the sale would not execute within the day. I only tried it out of curiosity about penny stocks. I’m happy with you sticking with some of your stocks still.

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🙂 If you prefer 1 or 2, it’s up to you. What I cam only advise is you don’t need to worry if you do either and you follow our Big 5 picks and you’re investing for 5 years like what you said here. I am newbie in investing stocks and would like to know also how to compute the AVERAGE PRICE for an additional shares every time you will buy. Not sure if I’m doing it right, but my plan is to buy 2 B5 and 2 F5 and will have 5k/month funding alternate. Im going to fund ALI and CEB this month, next month will be URC and FGEN.

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I think bears are still in control , wait till close of the market this week if signal shows the “morning star”, likely we will see a bottom reversal bullish pattern. Have a look forex after you log in to your COL account (Check on your Chart 1 Year/Week view. I’m not a professional trader it’s just an opinion based on my technical analysis. Good luck.

If you are using buy and hold strategy, there’s nothing to worry about because you intend to intend to hold your stocks for very long time anyway. I suggest that those who are using buy and hold euro dollar forecast strategy stop looking at your portfolio frequently. Congratulations for taking courage to invest in the stock market. Using COL EIP can help because it reminds you of your scheduled investment.

But always remember that whether you invest in the Big 5 or Fantastic 5, patience is a very very very important virtue. Consistent dividends and low risk kasi blue chip. Downside lang po, baka di masyadong okay na 10 shares lang per month, kasi talo tayo sa transaction fees.

Well, aside that we will be giving you thisTOP 5 Best INVESTMENT TIPSthe other tips will be revealed by you. Yes you do, It depends on you it will be on your idea and experiences to encounter such scenarios that you “Must and Mustn’t do”when investing. WANTS & NEEDS – I think even if you are a wise business man it can be hardly undeniable to accept the fact that we have this luxury “Luho” things in our mind that we surely craving for. There are bunch of reasons why people invest.

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For those who purchased the training course, its “top secret system” will be available for free. The said system will enable its users to promote the business online and execute the compensation plan.

also, do not look at it as an expense. It is actually an investment – a very good investment. Hi, COLing the Shots can remove and add their picks anytime and occasionally. If you want to realize your loss from FGEN, simple sell but if you want to have gains, stick to your original plan. CHP is included in the undervalued stocks and have great potential for growth.

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For me, I try to invest the profits sa Big 5. And then reinvest yung original amount sa F5 para lumago. Speaking of board lots, I was trying to buy shares of Metrobank, only to find out they changed their board lot size from 10 to 100.

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Sell – means we reached our Target already and it’s unacceptable to buy some more because of the market valuation. Sell your stocks and reap your profit. The following stocks are what we call Big 5 companies.

  • Below is a brief but detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of trading with LimeFX.
  • It’s easy to say stocks are overprice or cheap but at the end of the day, it’s your personal objective that matters.
  • You no longer need to spend hours and hours solving complex calculations and tracking trends to close a successful trade.
  • Clients outdoors Europe can reach uMarkets’s customer assist 24/7.
  • I just newly found out about stock exchange and I’m totally interested in it.
  • You can purchase or sell on the identical value, however usually there’s some type of commission concerned.

Hi, it’s true that if you want to minimize the fees, you have to apply that rule HOWEVER, if you want more earning potential, you shouldn’t always apply that rule. After all, you are an investor, that means you already understand the risks involved and the possible outcome you will face – that is either you will win or lose. If you apply that rule, you’ll only win some but if you overcome that rule/limit, you will win big. It takes money to make more money. Nevertheless, if you know the right stocks and the right strategy for you and you’re happy, then that’s good. Can i mix pca and buy and hold strat?

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An develops effective and highly profitable strategies tailor-made for each individual beginner. Not long ago, she decided to share her knowledge through tutorials and webinars.

JFC super mega bagsak ang presyo as of this posting date and time. i only have 3 stocks to hold for long term. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge to everyone and helping us to reach scammed by lexatrade our financial goal. I am here to refer anyone looking for an expert binary/forex trader to contact MR HARRY GILBERT.he is very good at helping you invest your funds for better profits.

Planning to have long term investment for FPH. Already currency exchange purchase it at 69.00 and planning on using EIP.

It’s better to consult about investment of kind of trade stock business. The only problem I have so far is with its ability to handle fast trades. Sometimes the execution lags a bit. And the spread increases from time to time.

Read plenty of Reviews and Comments – This can be very helpful. Due to a very advanced technology in communication we can now read tons of text on the internet. We can read reviews through different users and we can link through their feedback to share and warn different people on different geological areas. Know the Company Background – It is very important to know the background of the company and its mission and goals. From the minimal damage from your property it is wise to avoid being a target of business scam. You are probably waiting on this header part of the topic on How or What are the tips to make a better investments.

I haven’t really tried investing in IPOs before. I’m about to open account in BPI trade maybe this month. Before anything else, let me advice you that investing comes easy if you know how to save.

I am planning to invest to the 5 Big companies using the PCA strategy. I’m planning to invest 20,000 quarterly dividing the funds into 5 companies.

This strict method is used to ensure that only the client itself is accessing his funds, and that no other entity is attempting cyber theft. Thank you for your informative and generous website, you are doing all of us a big favor by sharing your knowledge and experience, and lexatrade website i salute you. We mentioned the reason from the post. We have Target Term for the Big 5 because we focus on building them up and letting them grow in value than flipping them. Your Target Term can be 5 years or more. I just want to ask about LPZ, is it performing well?

I understand that the strategy is for long term. But since I opened the account in COL and up to now, all the stocks I have been purchasing (ALI, BDO, etc.) are always in the red when I view my portfolio. On average, I incurred around 6% loss as of this time. Hi Ms. Fehl, thanks for this blog.

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