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Hi Ms. Fehl, i just started last December just want to ask your opinion on my plan. My investment horizon is 3-5 years or even longer, I’m not in a hurry. Though Im not sure if I want to be an active or passive investor. 1) BUY when i see 3 CONSECUTIVE bullish candle in my monthly chart and sell at around 7% to 10% gain. step 2) create a strategy on how are you going to profit with the only chart in front of you.

We call them fantastic 5 because they could give us fantastic money. SECURITY AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM – The most top reason why people invest because they want a stable and secured life.

hI BRO, I am a beginner and interested to learn forex trading. Can you please give me something where and how to know forex trading? We have one thing in common which is resourceful. I did researched forex “scam” din and I have to admit there were victims who thought they lexatrade rezension were scammed but there were people who profited as well. Forex has BIG HIGH RISK that’s why make sure the money you put up into it is an “idle” money meaning you can afford it to loss. If you become an expert trader, you can also earn money when people copy your trades.

LexaTrade scam

We have read each section and can confirm that everything is filled in properly, and the conditions are not fake. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, it is possible to fill in a complaint form, and the company will try to solve the issue. it is useful to read the users’ feedback, but we should remember that sometimes positive and negative reviews can be ordered in advance. It is a wide-spread practice in the modern world of trading. Unfortunately, modern brokerage companies may have signs of fraudulent firms, but not LexaTrade broker. In order not to be mistaken with doubtful companies, it is better not to take risks and contact trusted firms that are part of such prestigious associations as the CFTC or NFA. Fraudsters will not be able to get into the above-mentioned organizations if they want to.

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If we will be talking here the practicality well then we are on the “agreeing-mode”. Starting a business now a days are very crucial and essential part of living. , it has been highlighted that this broker has a lot to offer. Its wide range of trading platforms and a sophisticated set of tools and research materials attract many traders. Its competitive trading conditions and diverse range of trading accounts are also an advantage. It has helped thousands of traders make profitable trades and continues to rise up on the ranks of established global brokers.

A common stockholder is not necessarily a preferred stockholder. There are a lot of factors to consider. There are times that the market moves sideways, upward or downward.

LexaTrade scam

Thank you and may God bless you. Not sure if I’m doing it right, but my plan is to buy 2 B5 and 2 F5 and will have 5k/month funding alternate. Im going to fund ALI and CEB this month, next month will be URC and FGEN. Should I fund the F5 higher or the B5? You know, to maximize profits. 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts about this. It is normal na madami loss makikita mo sa Portfolio mo right now kasi nag-dive down and market.

Another off-hour order is ATO or at the open. This is similar to ATC but you are dealing at the opening price of the stock. However, if you are beginner just deposit a minimum fund due to the euro dollar forecast high risk involve in trading. Profit is good because of High Leverage but It can also put your funds into a big loss if trend is not in favor of you. If you are buying shares from FGEN now?

Can a foreigner (non-filipino and non-resident) invest through an online broker such as the I am thinking I can only fund it with certain filipino banks and that is difficult for me to obtain here. New users can open an account by depositing the required minimum fund for the online stock trading account.

Thoughts On list Of Accredited Online Trading Brokers In The Philippines 2020

I would like to add that in our strategy, We keep on funding our portfolio even the stock we have chosen in the F5 reached its currency exchange BBP. The additional cash in your portfolio can be used to buy other stocks in the F5 which are still priced below their BBP.

HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested. Without your blog baka until now nag iisip pa din ako ng investment. I wish you good health, more knowledge to share, enjoy your travel around the globe, people need someone like you. You touch our lives ng di mo namamalayan.

Have not been with pepperstone. Do they have deposit that is big? Fxcm and oanda in the list mostly used. Could have substantial refer a friend bonus for anyone interested in registering with Oanda. They allow flexibility with min deposits and new quickest platform in retail FX additionally states. Always looking for brokers which differentiate if in spreads lots, creations and so on. I will try your flipping undervalued stocks but need to study it first and if i can manage it together with your magic 10.

It’s a must to know the basics then get real hands on of investing by opening your online trade account. Only you can know and learn about stocks investing if you’ll be able to experience it in your own hands and own application. While you’re doing that, never stop learning by seeing updates about the market. We have stuff you can also use in Dailypik and we have basic guides at Philpad. Thank you very much for the time and efforts you exerted to answer my queries and giving me a good advices mam. Another thing which bothers me is the idea that the more stocks you buy, the more income you make or vice versa, the lesser stocks you buy, the lesser income you would make. Do you think this notion is correct mam?

  • Sell your stocks and reap your profit.
  • Before anything else, let me advice you that investing comes easy if you know how to save.
  • For a starter, How should I start and where?
  • But as time goes by, we learn.
  • Depends upon your Plan and Strategy with JFC.
  • I’ve recently gone back again to investing and I’ve been reading your posts for the past several weeks.

Do not be carried away by your emotions. Also remember, patience is a very important virtue in investing in stocks. If you are really serious about it, I suggest you buy books on investments. You can search online lexatrade broker reviews for the recommended books or you can visit your favorite bookstore. Personally, I prefer visiting bookstores over surfing the net. Please do not look at price of the book. also, do not look at it as an expense.

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stick to your convictions…regret is over-rated…in stocks, either you win, or you learn. Hi, please check out the values of the stocks. We made major adjustments after good performance of PSEI in the last few weeks. This is because of the 50% stock dividend ex-date. A stock may be preferred or common. Make sure you know what stock you are buying.

LexaTrade scam

In addition to this, clients will find ease in using the platform since it provides the popular MetaTrader system. See all its interesting features by visiting official site and from there, decide if you want to give this brokerage firm a shot. You can tell how much this brokerage firm values its clients by providing wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. Payments are made available using fiat currencies and can be executed through credit and debit cards, bank wires and transfers, Neteller, and Skrill. This also favors cryptocurrency-based clients as withdrawal and deposit can either be through Bitcoin or Ethereum.

You can also buy stocks in the B5 and hold them in the long term. Actually i opened my COL account last May of this year and until now i’m still learning and thankful for your blog,i learned a lot because it is very informative. I have already started my investment with COL EIP last December 2016 with 4 of the BIG 5 companies that was mentioned above. investments strategy I just want to ask since I will do the investment for long term, do I still need to join Truly Rich Club by Mr. Bo Sanchez. As my plan is to invest in stocks for 5 – 10 years or more than that. Thank you Ms. Fehl and good luck to all of us. Hi 🙂 The sudden decline was caused by CBTL, yes and also the market is down due to US and China trade war.


Virtual cards easy to Use for Secure Shopping. VCC will get you access to shopping worldwide. You can set any US or international address as your billing address. VCCs support Address Verification System and can be used for verification PayPal and other online accounts.

All financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk to your capital. They are not suited to all investors, please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.

The F5 stocks above have BBP because we use SAM here. MPI is a good company and investing in MPI using buy and hold or PCA strategy is good. But if you are going to use SAM, you better choose other stocks when MPI is trading above BBP. You may choose any F5 stocks above. Investment guide will give you a BBP and a target price. Than means you can buy the stock if it is below the BBP and you can sell it when it reaches the TP which is usually the Fair Value of the stock.

There’s a custom to look up this around this time of the year. While already informed the broker, with which can help with bonuses here are some more.

You can choose from our Fantastic 5 stocks and follow the BBP and TP. Pick the one with the highest estimated growth if you’re just starting to invest. I wouldn’t suggest buying into MBT as of now. Starting on the 10th, they are giving options to sell their stock to existing holders for 20php per share.

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Otherwise, if you do not have the paper certificates, then you most likely have your shares held by a holding firm designated by Meralco. If this was the case, contact the investor relations department of Meralco to find out where your shares are being held – and your options on selling the shares. Hello, according to RCBC’s ezTrade Tutorial (pdf file, not sure if i’m allowed to post links here but it’s in RCBC Sec’s website) the minimum initial deposit is Php10000. Hope this helps 🙂 I’m with COL and they’re really good, pero naghahanap ako ng broker na may matinong app. Have you ever tried investing in countries outside the Philippines? Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

I just opened a small small that keeps me busy. It’s good to invest in BDO po. Consistent dividends and low risk kasi blue chip.

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